Saturday Cinema: Curious Creations

星期六,12月8日,2018·1:00,2点,and 3:00 p.m.



与我们的奇怪的装置展览,这本异想天开的表达性作品集,短片庆祝奇迹,轻浮,and ingenuity using the kinetic properties of the moving image.


太阳能什么都不做的机器(1957/1995,2 min.) by Charles and Ray Eames,edited by Eames Demetrios,with music by Richard Marx
Designed in 1957 and true to the filmmakers' belief that toys are not as innocent as they seem,this machine was one of the first to use solar power to produce electricity.

At less than an inch in height,在这个停止运动动画中,标题角色横穿口袋大小的对象和完全大小的惊喜的景观。

彩虹彩虹(2010,3 min.) by Adam Nilsson&
这部电影记录了街头艺术家阿凯和他的一个complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism."用一些工具和彩虹喷漆,any wall can be brightened up with color.

This compilation of five chain-reaction machines produced for a Japanese children's television show is an innovative,鲁布·戈德伯格娱乐公司的速射剂量。

机与叉骨(2008,7分钟)作者:Randall Okita
Using the inventive machines created by Arthur Ganson,电影制片人兰德尔·奥基塔带领我们经历了一段充满好奇生物的奇妙旅程。

深部(2010,2 min.) by PES
亚博娱乐Explore an underwater world where fish are made of washers and wrenches instead of flesh and fins.